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July 5, 2022by toddforiowa

Hello Friends,

My name is Tyler Brady. I am Todd’s younger brother, and I wanted to write a letter as we look back on pride month, talking about what that month and being gay means to me. This year the festivities, events, and inclusion of all facets of the LGBTQ+ community have meant a bit more for me as I look back on my journey in discovering myself and what it means to be gay.

It was not until I turned twenty-one, in my junior year of college at the University of Northern Iowa, when I fully came out of the closet with no intention of crawling back into the dark abyss that comes along when you cannot be yourself and are taught to hate yourself. My friends were the first ones to be told, and some were amazed at what came out of my mouth when the script was thrown into the trash. Todd, and our sister, already were well aware of me being gay, and without their support it would have been next to impossible to tell both my parents that I was gay. Neither one has ever made me feel anything less than normal for being gay- in fact, I believe it has brought us all closer since they stand up for me.

Over the next years I had the opportunity to experience my first pride, my first gay bar, and my first love for drag. Everything was perfect! My friends and family had accepted everything about me and they could see that I was happy- but I would not experience true happiness until much later when I met Brian. The sparks from our first date are still there, as we travel together and have experienced many different firsts with each other, such as watching Ru Paul’s drag Race for the first time, bringing two loving beagle pups into our lives, and visiting new destinations. Covid kept us in close proximity working in our home office back-to-back for more than a year, and brought us closer since we could not leave the house.

It was not until vaccines were available and we used the Vaccine Hunter website, that Todd created, that we could think of traveling again. But as soon as things started looking safe, we planned an extravagant Orlando trip with friends. Brian shocked me by proposing- making it the happiest place on earth, indeed! Planning a wedding has been amazing and everyone has wanted to help and be a part of everything. The only dark clouds that Todd, Brian, and I have been watching out for, have been the potential for marriage equality to be taken away.  With the overturn of Roe v Wade who knows what could happen. Needless to say, Brian and I went this past week to get a marriage license for our wedding just in case the Supreme Court continues to try and turn back time, and remove a few more rights from the American people.

I am so glad my brother is running for State Senate. He has already done so much good for Iowa, and will be a true ally for Brian, myself, and everyone. I am thankful to be gay in this century, and with such great support from friends and family who value inclusion and know that everyone is valued at the dinner table. 


Yours Truly,




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